How to best use a small dark space!

How to best use a small dark space!

My task here was to come up with an idea as how to best use this small dark space within a bed room.

The issue:

This is a very small, dark and unused space. That is is need of coming up with a solution as to how to have more surface space and so that it is not a dark corner.

My initial thoughts:

  • Need to maximise the use of space
    • Shelves
    • Unit
  • How can I create light from here?
    • Battery mircordots
    • Mirrors to reflect the light
    • Use of soft colours

The Solution:

  • Floating shelves
    • By using coating shelves is allows you to use a small space to the max.
  • Microdot lights
    • Will cast a delicate soft glow into the room and on the shelves.
  • Mirror
    • Using a mirror will allow you to bounce the light from the microdots into the room.
  • Plants
    • Add plants to a display to soften as well as bringing life into the room.