Blog launch!

Welcome followers! Today we launch our blog and new webpage, ‘Your Space’, a place for you to post your interior design challenges. 

I should begin by explaining who we are. Most readers will know Purbeck Living from visiting our shop; others by following us on Instagram and Facebook. For those of you we have not yet met, here is a potted history of Purbeck Living.

Purbeck Living is a small homeware shop in Wareham in Dorset. Wareham is a great little town, both to live in and as a place to visit, being the gateway to The Purbecks and Jurassic Coast. However, every good tourist destination needs a few nice shops to browse around; as important as an obligatory tearoom. As a town removed from larger shopping areas, the locals also need some nice shops to buy presents and pieces for their homes. In Purbeck Living we aim to provide a shop where locals know they can come and find a present for a loved one or a beautiful item for their home. Likewise, we want visitors to find a nice reminder of their trip to Wareham. We want people to walk in and find us welcoming and friendly and experience that well- known feel good factor one can have when you’re in a lovely shop.

It is me, the owner, Sarah Wharmby and Sophie Walker who is a trained interior Designer who run Purbeck Living and on Saturdays we are joined by Sharon Maidment. We love our work; from choosing the stock to helping our delightful customers choose their purchases. Hearing all the compliments about the shop and product ranges we choose is so rewarding. We are passionate about trying to find good quality products which are affordable and are of good design. Most of our brands are European, predominantly Danish, German and Swedish. Our biggest challenge is to find products not easily found elsewhere on the high street. Sometimes we find a different supplier we love which then becomes so popular it appears in all the well- known shops and gardening centres, so loses its individual appeal – a success for the supplier but a loss for us. 

We thought the blog and webpage ‘Your Space’ would be a place to post your design questions. We get asked many questions about different interior design challenges. We thought a photo of the space and associated question plus our suggestions for solutions might be of interest to others. For example, I have an awkward bedroom space which I have never effectively managed. I will post a photo and ask Sophie if she has any ideas to improve it. By running a blog in parallel, we hope to keep you informed of trends and ideas we know are evolving, plus any of course, any important news updates from the shop.  

So please, watch this space. Do sign up if you would like to receive our blogs and updates and most importantly, send us any photos of interior design challenges you have, and we will happily prepare and post our suggestions for improvement.

Send us your queries to shop@purbeckliving.comand we will get back you as soon as we can with a solution to your problem.